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We are committed to building a world-class packaging plant that provides one-stop solutions in molded pulp for a variety of industries.
The food industry, for example, provides food-grade molded pulp packaging to hold take-out food. In the beauty and electronics industries, we provide pulp inserts to hold products in place. In the consumer goods industry, we provide pulp to replace plastic from products, reduce packaging costs, and lower taxes in various industries. Also, molded pulp products are widely used in glassware, with a small footprint to better protect fragile products and facilitate transportation.
Molded pulp products use a special process to make the pulp surface delicate and better protect your cosmetics and essential oils when customers receive your products, enhance your brand image and improve customer goodwill towards your products.
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    Beauty product refinement, unsuitable packaging makes its customers receive a bad experience with the product.

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    A wet pressing process is used to customize the grooves of different sizes according to the product, allowing the product to be fixed in the grooves.​​​​​​​
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    After receiving the products, the customer gave feedback that the packaging looked very high-end and the products were intact, so they have successfully established a long-term cooperation relationship.​​​​​​​

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