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Globepulp offers sustainable, recyclable pulp packaging as an alternative to plastic, saving you money and reducing taxes in the long run, creating a green and responsible business.
We always maintain the quality of our products and always focus on communication with customers during the production process, all aspects to ensure the testing and qualification of products, to better protect your business.

Mixed Pulp

Molded pulp manufacturing uses a fiber slurry made from sugarcane bagasse fiber, bamboo fiber, or other fibers dissolved in water.



The custom modeling tool is dropped into the pulp mixture, and the upper tool is pressed into the lower tool to help shape the part.



Dry pressing molded pulp are usually dried on open air drying racks or in vacuum rooms using equipment to dry pulp products.


Dry Pressing

As the pulp partially dries, the surface becomes uneven. Press each product onto a sturdy metal tool, pressing to get a smooth finish.


Wet Pressing

After the wet-pressed pulp is formed, it is immediately transferred to a hot-pressed forming mold for rapid extrusion drying.



The final product is cut and punched with more precise trimming abrasives according to different product requirements, in order to make the appearance of the product more beautiful and tidy.


Products Quality Test

Test product quality and complete customer products with the highest standards.



Once the product has passed inspection it will be packed and stored in a clean, dry and secure warehouse.



Your molded pulp packaging will be packaged and shipped from the warehouse in a mode of transportation at your discretion after inspection.


We are one of the leading suppliers of eco-friendly packaging solutions from China.



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