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We are committed to building a world-class packaging plant that provides one-stop solutions in molded pulp for a variety of industries.
The food industry, for example, provides food-grade molded pulp packaging to hold take-out food. In the beauty and electronics industries, we provide pulp inserts to hold products in place. In the consumer goods industry, we provide pulp to replace plastic from products, reduce packaging costs, and lower taxes in various industries. Also, molded pulp products are widely used in glassware, with a small footprint to better protect fragile products and facilitate transportation.
Food & Beverage
The food and beverage industry uses many types of molded pulp. Trays and carriers for transport, consumer convenience or supermarket shelf edge displays. Clinker can be used to convey wine, liquor and champagne bottles, providing the best protection while having the least impact on the environment.
We use only 100% recycled paper to create recyclable, compostable and biodegradable sustainable packaging for the food and beverage industry.
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    Wine transportation is vulnerable to impact, foam packaging complex and environmentally unfriendly, brands seek eco-friendly packaging.

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    Custom wine bottle molded pulp packaging, eco-friendly materials, adapt to the shape of fragile products, to protect the wine in transit.​​​​​​​
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    Help customers successfully transport fragile goods such as wine and become a close and regular customer.​​​​​​​

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