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Wet Press Molded Pulp Technology for Molded Pulp Products

1 Introduction to molded pulp products Molded pulp products are packaging products and articles of various shapes produced by three-dimensional modeling using pulp as the basic material and equipment and molds. It is environmentally friendly, usually recyclable and biodegradable. 2 Wet pressing prod

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The Current Situation and Development Prospect of Green Cushioning Packaging Materials

  Cushioning packaging materials belong to a short life cycle, "used and thrown" disposable packaging, instantly become garbage, the negative impact on the environment is obvious. Green cushioning packaging materials is an inevitable trend in the development of cushioning packaging materials. Reduce

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Pulp Packaging Detachment Phenomenon Causes and Solutions!

Pulp packaging detachment phenomenon is pulp packaging composite bags often appear a quality failure, especially in the production, transportation, storage process, in the edge, the corner of the heat sealing place is prone to local or overall delamination phenomenon, and most of the printing surfac

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Talk about How to Recycle Used Pulp Tray?

What are the paper trays that we often use in our daily lives? Such as egg trays, disposable lunch box paper trays, electronic equipment paper trays, toy paper trays, and so on. So we use these paper trays in the end how to recycle them?  First of all, the paper tray is made of pulp dry, wet press m

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How to Choose a High-quality Environmental Protection Pulp Tray Manufacturers?

At present there are too many paper tray products suppliers, but can really be called environmental pulp tray manufacturers not many, in the paper tray factory and then choose quality environmental pulp tray manufacturers is even more difficult to judge. A wide range of paper tray market so that use

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The Development Trend of Pulp Composite Packaging Materials

The current use of pulp composite bags have a certain moisture resistance, can avoid the packaging of items away from the occurrence of moldy conditions, at the same time its permeability is good, with a certain degree of abrasion resistance, not easy to break, and the products feel good, good envir

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Pulp Molded Products Get High Priority in Plantation Industry

China is a large developing country that relies on cultivation, which accounts for 45% of the country's economic income. A large part of the planting needs to be exported to Europe, America and other developed countries. As long as there is export transportation, can not be separated from

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Analysis of Pulp Packaging Transportation Precautions!

As we all know, in the transportation industry, the loss of paper pulp packaging will certainly occur, so how to reduce this loss and increase the service life of paper pulp packaging? Introduction to paper pulp packaging in the transportation process of precautions.  Pulp packaging company  1. Plea

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