Wet Press Molded Pulp Technology for Molded Pulp Products
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Wet Press Molded Pulp Technology for Molded Pulp Products

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Wet Press Molded Pulp Technology for Molded Pulp Products

1 Introduction to molded pulp products

Molded pulp products are packaging products and articles of various shapes produced by three-dimensional modeling using pulp as the basic material and equipment and molds. It is environmentally friendly, usually recyclable and biodegradable.

2 Wet pressing production process of molded pulp products

(1) Pulping - Mixing - Pulping

Reed, rice husk, sugar cane, straw, bamboo, wood and recycled paper are used as raw materials. After crushing, refining and other processes, the fibers are suspended in water. Depending on the characteristics of the end product, pulp fiber length and pulp consistency can be controlled during the pulping process. Functional additives (oil repellents, whiteners, water repellents, etc.) and dyes are added, and a series of auxiliary operations are carried out to form pulp that meets production needs.

Mixed Pulp

Equipment: pulper, mixing tank, pulping tank, etc.

(2) Molding process

The molding process of molded pulp products refers to a series of methods, such as desizing and grouting, to make the raw pulp fibers form the shape designed by the mold. The products made by desizing process are more uniform, and the products made by grouting process are more consistent.


Equipment: Molding machine

(3) Hot pressing process

After the molded pulp product is subjected to pressure and high temperature in the mold, its moisture will be removed quickly. In addition, the shape and size of the product can be precisely controlled. It is generally used for the production of paper tableware and fine packaging. The heat source can be fuel, oil, gas, electricity, steam and heat transfer oil.

Wet Pressing

Equipment: Hot press molding machine

(4) Trimming process

After the pulp molded products are hot pressed, the edge trimming machine is used to trim the size accurately and cut off the excess part.


Equipment: Trimming machine

(5) Inspection and storage

Inspection, packaging and storage of molded pulp products.

Products Quality Test


Equipment: Visual inspection machine for paper cutlery, stacking machine

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