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6 Advantages of Molded Pulp Packaging
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6 Advantages of Molded Pulp Packaging

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6 Advantages of Molded Pulp Packaging

Pulp molded products are manufactured by pulp molding equipment by placing pulp into various specific molds and then dehydrating it to form the pulp packagingmaterials we see today. Currently, its production technology can be automated, high speed, and mass production, so it is widely used in the packaging and transportation industry. Specific advantages are reflected as follows:

1、Strong Plasticity and High Degree of Freedom

Pulp molding equipment produces molded products by creating a variety of molds. The biggest advantage of which is the ability to generate molds according to the specifications and appearance of the product shape, with a high degree of freedom. The pulp molding machine not only saves material costs but also can fit the product shape well. So that the product can be fixed to prevent collision in the transportation process.

2、Good Protection and Cushioning Performance

As we all know, the raw material of pulp molding products is paper. Therefore, the molded products are very light and soft, and there is a certain elasticity from the structure. So the cushioning performance is good. Then through the specific mold shaping, the molded products as a whole have good rigidity and strength, with a certain degree of protection.

3、Significant Aeration and Moisture Absorption

Since it is applied to the packaging and transportation industry, the pulp molded products should have a certain strength and stiffness but also need to have good permeability and waterproof performance. For example, we commonly see fruit trays and egg trays, because they carry food products, so for the freshness of the food, the outside of the packaging paper products must have good permeability. And in order to prevent a wet environment such as rain, the moisture absorption performance of the molded pulp can also be waterproof.

4、Recyclable and Cost Saving

As we all know, pulp-molded products are more convenient for stacking, storage, and handling than packaging products made of other materials. And they can be recycled and reshaped after they are not used, which greatly reduces our production costs and transportation costs.

5、Wide Range of Raw Materials, green and Eco-friendly

Since it is a paper film product, it requires a wide range of raw materials, including waste paper and plant fiber, so it is highly waste-usable and green, in line with social and economic development benefits.

6、With Flame Retardant, Anti-static and Other Properties

Paper film products made by pulp molding equipment can also add flame retardants and other materials according to the needs of users so that the finished products have good flame retardant properties. In addition, anti-static properties can also be achieved, so it is very convenient and feasible.

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