Analysis of Pulp Packaging Transportation Precautions!
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Analysis of Pulp Packaging Transportation Precautions!

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Analysis of Pulp Packaging Transportation Precautions!

As we all know, in the transportation industry, the loss of paper pulp packaging will certainly occur, so how to reduce this loss and increase the service life of paper pulp packaging? Introduction to paper pulp packaging in the transportation process of precautions.

  Pulp packaging company

  1. Please do not stand under the pulp packaging during the lifting process.

  2. Please hang the hook in the center of the sling or sling, don't hang it diagonally, one-sided hook or diagonally hanging the container bag.

  3. Do not rub, hook or bump the paper-plastic packaging during operation.

  4. Do not pull the sling backwards.

  5. Do not touch the forks or tie them inside the bag when handling the paper-plastic packaging with a forklift to prevent the pulp packaging from being punctured.

  6. When transporting in the workshop, please use pallets as much as possible and avoid hanging the container bag with hooks and moving it when shaking.

  7. Do not place container bags upright.

  8. Do not drag pulp packages onto the ground or concrete.

  9. When it is necessary to store it outdoors, place the container bag on a shelf and the container bag must be tightly covered with an opaque tarpaulin.

  10. After use, wrap the container bag in paper or opaque tarpaulin and store it in a ventilated area.

  Through the above study, we hope that our friends in the transportation company will take it seriously and practically, and sincerely increase the service life of the paper-plastic packaging and reduce the economic cost through our actions.

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