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Application Prospects of Pulp Molding in the Field of Packaging
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Application Prospects of Pulp Molding in the Field of Packaging

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Application Prospects of Pulp Molding in the Field of Packaging

  Paper packaging materials and containers are widely used materials in the packaging field, among which, pulp molding products are one of the main products of paper packaging. In recent years, with the continuous progress of intelligent equipment technology, the pulp molding process has made rapid progress, and the birth of a large number of application scenarios has triggered a boom in the paper and plastic manufacturing industry.

  Pulp Molding

  Pulp molding products are functional products made by using specific molds to process plant fiber raw materials into the proposed structure shape and finishing treatment to protect and display the contents.

  Pulp molded products are made from natural materials, and the waste can be recycled and degraded after use, which is a typical environmentally friendly green packaging product.


  Four advantages of paper pulp packaging

  1 The raw material is waste paper or plant fiber, the raw material is wide, green and environmental protection;

  2 Its production process is completed by the pulp making, adsorption molding, drying and shaping processes, which is environmentally friendly;

  3 It can be recycled and reused;

  4 Smaller volume than foam plastic, can overlap, convenient transportation.


  The big highlight of pulp molding products is that they are derived from natural fibers, return to nature, do not pollute the environment at all, and become a harmonious and organic part of nature. Really from nature, back to nature, the whole life cycle does not pollute the environment, fully in line with the concept of environmental protection.


  Application of pulp molded products

  Pulp molding products as new green products, its application value has been more and more fully demonstrated.

  Pulp molded products have good shockproof, shockproof, anti-static, anti-corrosion effect, and no pollution to the environment, which is conducive to manufacturers' products entering the international and domestic markets and are widely used in various industries such as catering, food, electronics, electrical appliances, computers, mechanical parts, industrial instruments, crafts glass, ceramics, toys, medicine, decoration, etc.

  The use of pulp molding products can be divided into four major scenarios: industrial packaging, agricultural packaging, food packaging and medical product packaging.


  1Food packaging

  Pulp molded tableware refers to paper tableware made from pulp through the process of molding, molding and drying, mainly including molded paper cups, molded paper bowls, molded paper lunch boxes, molded paper plates and molded paper dishes.

  Its products are generous and practical in appearance, good in strength and plasticity, compression and folding resistance, light in material, easy to preserve and transport; they are waterproof and oil-proof, and can be adapted to freezing and microwave heating; they can adapt to modern people's eating habits and food structure, and can also meet the needs of fast food processing. Pulp molded tableware is the main alternative to disposable plastic tableware.

  2Industrial packaging

  Europe and the United States and other developed countries have banned the import of environmentally polluting packaging, the use of paper mold material as a liner, with the advantages of good plasticity, buffer force, fully meet the requirements of the inner packaging of electrical products, its production process is simple and no risk of pollution of the environment, and product adaptability, wide range of uses.

  Pulp-molded industrial packaging products are now gradually and widely used in home appliances, electronics, communications equipment, computer accessories, ceramics, glass, instruments, toys, lighting, crafts and other products lined with shockproof packaging.

  3Packaging of agricultural and sideline products

  Pulp molded plastic products in the agricultural and sideline products industry, the use of more common is the egg tray.

  Because of its loose material and unique egg-shaped curved structure, and better permeability, freshness and excellent buffering and positioning, the pulp molded egg tray is especially suitable for mass transportation packaging of eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs and other poultry eggs. With the use of paper mold egg trays for packing fresh eggs, the breakage rate of eggs can be reduced from 8% to 10% to less than 2% in the long-distance transportation process.

  Egg trays are also divided into egg trays and egg boxes. Some egg boxes can be directly printed or girdle sealed on the outside surface according to user requirements to improve counter display and sales effect.

  Gradually, fruit and vegetable paper trays have also become popular. Trays made of pulp molding can avoid collision damage between fruits on the one hand, and on the other hand, they can distribute the breathing heat of fruits, absorb and evaporate water, inhibit the concentration of ethylene, prevent fruits from rotting and deteriorating, prolong the freshness of fruits, and play a role that other packaging materials can hardly play.

  Now, with the development of the industry, compostable pulp molded fiber pots are increasingly popular among gardeners, they are durable and cheaper, the big advantage is that the cultivation of seedlings without secondary transplanting, seeds can be transplanted with the bowl after the seedling (the bowl can be self-degradation), saving labor and time and high survival rate.

  4Medical products

  The medical industry has benefited from a variety of molded pulp products, including disposable urinals, disposable potty liners, porta-potties, and packaging materials for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This trend is rapidly shifting to single-use because they reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

  The big problem with the use of traditional medical instruments is that sterilization is prone to cross-infection. If we switch to disposable paper mold trays, sputum mons, stool pans, body pads, splints, etc., we can not only eliminate the sterilization process and save labor, but also its waste can be directly incinerated without toxic side effects. Moreover, the price of paper mold apparatus is moderate, which is easily accepted by both doctors and patients, and brings much convenience to medical care work.

  5. Innovative application fields

  In addition to the above-mentioned uses, pulp molded products also have special beautifying functions, such as cultural and creative goods, handicrafts; paper sprue pipe; one-off bottles, barrels, boxes, decorative panels, etc.. It will also be useful in the garment and furniture industries.

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