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Biodegradable Packaging Material - Pulp Molding Packaging
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Biodegradable Packaging Material - Pulp Molding Packaging

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Biodegradable Packaging Material - Pulp Molding Packaging

Pulp Molding Production Equipment is the creator of pulp molding, also known as papermolding, a common packaging material used in many consumer applications such as beverage carriers and shock resistant cushioning product packaging. Because the molding fiber is made from recycled paper or fiber, it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging.

  Pulp molded products are made of pulp dehydrated in a mesh mold. It is made by using waste newspaper, cardboard paper, paper tube and paper tube, pure wood pulp as the main raw material, which is blended into a certain ratio of pulp concentration through the process of pulp crushing and pulp blending, and the pulp is vacuum adsorbed into wet blank pulp semi-finished products on a specially designed mold, and then dried and hot pressed for shaping to form a variety of lined environmental protection packaging products.


  1 The process technology is simple and practical, the production process is basically pollution-free, in line with the requirements of clean production. In addition, the production line processes, except for the management of self-control system requires high quality personnel, the rest are skilled technology, after a short period of training will be able to master the use, coupled with the high degree of localization of its equipment, very conducive to the popularization of the project, which is also a convenient condition for the rapid development of the environmental advantages of pulp molded products.

  2 The raw material source is wide, the cost. It is mainly with waste paper or annual herbaceous plant fiber pulp, raw materials can be adapted to local conditions, local materials, inexhaustible.

  3 The product has high strength, good plasticity and buffer performance.

  4 Light quality, low recycling cost, can be used repeatedly.

  5 Protection, interchangeability and good performance of spring loading.

  6 No pollution to the environment from production use to waste disposal, low water consumption in the production process, no waste water discharge, reducing environmental pollution.

  7 Good air permeability, unique benefits to the packaging of fresh products.

  8 Pulp molded products have good water absorption, hydrophobicity and heat insulation. If special additives are added in the production process, they have special properties such as waterproof, oil-proof and high temperature resistance.

  9 Modern production technology can realize high-speed, automated mass production.

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