The Advantages of Pulp Tray Packaging for Different Industries
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The Advantages of Pulp Tray Packaging for Different Industries

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The Advantages of Pulp Tray Packaging for Different Industries

Pulp packaging currently has very obvious application advantages, in electronics, home appliances, food, medicine, cosmetics, and many other industries widely used, for different industries have the corresponding application advantages, is currently a very good packaging choice!

Electronics Industry

Pulp tray packaging has a good anti-static performance, traditional EPS material packaging is easy to generate static electricity after friction, while the use of pulp packaging will not generate static electricity, which has very good protection for precision accessories, and electronic components in the electronics industry.

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Food Industry

For food packaging protection, especially fruits, and vegetables, these products in the transport process is easy to release moisture, if the plastic products for packaging, water can not evaporate easily leading to rot, and paper tray packaging has good permeability, and can let the water evaporate out, so as to achieve a certain role in corrosion, and its shockproof buffer performance, can protect the fruit is not touched badly!

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At the same time, pulp trays can be used for food packaging, such as take-out packing, placing eggs, etc. Wet-pressed food-grade pulp products can be more environmentally friendly and enhance corporate social responsibility while meeting the premise of food packing. Dry-pressed molded pulp packaging can effectively save costs and make maximum cushioning and protection for eggs.

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Cosmetics Industry

The plasticity of pulp packaging enables it to be customized in different styles or colors, which can create high-end or unique pulp packaging for products in the cosmetic industry and help to enhance the added value of products, while the superior protective properties of pulp packaging can also well protect various glass bottles of cosmetics, making it a very suitable liner packaging choice for cosmetics!

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