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What are the Characteristics of Dry Pressing and Wet Pressing of Molded Pulp?
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What are the Characteristics of Dry Pressing and Wet Pressing of Molded Pulp?

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What are the Characteristics of Dry Pressing and Wet Pressing of Molded Pulp?

The production process of pulp is divided into dry pressing and wet pressing, the process is different, the finished product effect is different, and the production cost is also different, as follows:

Dry Pressed Pulp

In short, sun-dried or baked dry and then hot pressed. Specific characteristics are as follows:

  1. Environmental protection, raw material waste paper, recyclable, chemical-free, non-polluting;

  2. Protection, containing fibers to form a good shockproof, three-dimensional strength structure of the product with good protection;

  3. Storage, can be stacked storage, reduce 12 storage space;

  4. Dry pressed pulp cost is lower than wet pressed pulp; product outer packaging volume is slightly smaller, container more products to reduce costs;

  5. Moisture-proof, packaging can absorb excess water during transportation to strengthen the moisture-proof effect of the product;

  6. Image, the use of environmentally friendly packaging, can enhance the company's product image, to avoid international trade barriers.

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Wet Pressed Pulp

  1. Materials raw wood (paper) pulp, sugar cane pulp, newsprint, black cardboard and other raw materials, pure white, cream, gray, black and other colors for your choice, are environmentally friendly materials, health indicators to food grade, through the U.S. FDA testing.

  2. Quality the surface of the product is bright and exquisite, which supports the grade of the brand products and enhances the added value of the products;

  3. Technology Adopt hot pressing technology, high production efficiency, ensure timely delivery;

  4. Environment fully enclosed air-conditioned production workshop designed according to food grade standards, clean and tidy;

  5. Product appearance high gloss, paper tray through the upper and lower mold molding, inside and outside can achieve the same smooth, not rough, not hairy;

  6. Product precision due to the special nature of the equipment, the mold is processed by CNC center, the rounded corners can be up to R2, the precision is very high, and it can completely match every angle of the product;

  7. Not easy to deformation through the equipment of the mold drying process, the paper tray produced by the paper tray factory only contains 1% of water, so in the nature of storage will not be deformed by water weathering;

  8. Scope of application pulp is suitable for some high-end, lightweight, delicate type and to force to improve the value-added products of electronic products. There are also cell phones, digital electronics, set-top boxes, cosmetics, repeaters and small medical devices and other products paper trays.

Electronics Pulp Tray Supplier

And wet pressing process pulp, the surface is very smooth and flat, no lint, no ash, no powder, the back has a mesh screen print (a layer of stainless steel mesh pad between the paper tray and the mold, used to filter water, leaving a screen print, the screen print is the distinctive feature of the wet pressing paper tray);

Suitable for packaging relatively light, small, cost-effective products, can also be used directly as the outer packaging box. Can do right angle, cross-cut paper tray.

Material sugar cane pulp, virgin wood pulp; Colors white, beige, black, various dyeing.

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