Environmentally Friendly Paper Trays or Plastic Trays, Which is Better?
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Environmentally Friendly Paper Trays or Plastic Trays, Which is Better?

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Environmentally Friendly Paper Trays or Plastic Trays, Which is Better?

In recent years, we began to pay more attention to environmental protection, take-out using take-out paper boxes, drinks using paper cups, the use of environmentally friendly bags are the beginning of our protection of the environment, because we know that environmental pollution will affect our lives, let's say one of the three major packaging materials, plastic products, especially expanded polystyrene (EPS) type products, is the "white pollution" that people are evil ". This polystyrene foam packaging waste disposal brings serious pollution to the environment. Burning it will destroy the earth's atmospheric ozone layer; pile buried it because it can not corrode and produce the destruction of geological structures. These foam products waste the Earth's environment causing a lot of damage. Therefore, I suggest that we can switch to biodegradable environmental protection packaging materials to eliminate "white pollution" and improve people's living environment, starting a little bit.

Let's start from the small side, you can use more paper trays. Different types of paper trays have different characteristics and scope of application. Among them, eco-friendly trays are very popular nowadays because they are more in line with China's policy of energy saving and emission reduction, so they are quite popular with the majority of enterprises. So, in addition to this, Globepulp China tells you the characteristics and advantages of eco-friendly trays.

  The raw material of eco-friendly paper trays is plant pulp, which is green and environmentally friendly.

  Environmental protection paper tray is applicable to a wide range, with the continuous progress of pulp molding technology, now the use of styrofoam, EVA, blister, cardboard for lining packaging products can basically be replaced by paper trays.

  Environmental protection paper tray anti-static, anti-corrosion, anti-shock performance is better than the foam, EVA, blister, this is because the protection function of foam, EVA, blister products is determined by its material cushioning, while the paper tray products are formed by the mechanical structure of its geometry and the material itself integrated cushioning.

  The environmental protection paper tray can be added with various auxiliary additives such as sizing agent, flexibility agent, water-proof agent, oil-proof agent and flame-proof agent according to the requirements of different packaged products to achieve a variety of functions, which cannot be done by the single physical properties of styrofoam, EVA, plastic absorbing and cardboard.

  The environmental protection paper tray can be stacked, which greatly reduces the cost of storage and freight.

  The cushioning performance of the environmental protection paper tray is ideal than other packaging materials of the same cost.

  The waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the environmental protection paper tray is good.

The environmental protection paper tray has good anti-static performance, and the paper tray is completely degradable and easy to recycle.

We are one of the leading suppliers of eco-friendly packaging solutions from China.



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