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Pulp Packaging
Pulp Packaging Detachment Phenomenon Causes and Solutions!

Pulp packaging detachment phenomenon is pulp packaging composite bags often appear a quality failure, especially in the production, transportation, storage process, in the edge, the corner of the heat sealing place is prone to local or overall delamination phenomenon, and most of the printing surfac

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Pulp Packaging
Pulp Molded Products Get High Priority in Plantation Industry

China is a large developing country that relies on cultivation, which accounts for 45% of the country's economic income. A large part of the planting needs to be exported to Europe, America and other developed countries. As long as there is export transportation, can not be separated from

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Pulp Packaging
Necessary Requirements for Eco-friendly Pulp Tray!

What is environmental pulp tray?Environmental pulp tray can also be called non-polluting packaging, environmental protection packaging (EnvironmentalFriendlyPackage), refers to the ecological environment and human health harmless, reusable, and recyclable, in line with sustainable development of pac

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Pulp Packaging
Environmentally Friendly Paper Trays or Plastic Trays, Which is Better?

In recent years, we began to pay more attention to environmental protection, take-out using take-out paper boxes, drinks using paper cups, the use of environmentally friendly bags are the beginning of our protection of the environment, because we know that environmental pollution will affect our liv

We are one of the leading suppliers of eco-friendly packaging solutions from China.



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