Pulp Molded Products Get High Priority in Plantation Industry
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Pulp Molded Products Get High Priority in Plantation Industry

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Pulp Molded Products Get High Priority in Plantation Industry

          China is a large developing country that relies on cultivation, which accounts for 45% of the country's economic income. A large part of the planting needs to be exported to Europe, America and other developed countries. As long as there is export transportation, can not be separated from the packaging, especially fruit species plants. Pulp Molding Packaging has become a must-have packaging for the planting industry.

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             Fruits exported abroad, need to go through long-distance transportation, both to pack the integrity of the fruit but also to pack the freshness of the fruit, in the packaging material selection by the original foam packaging products, gradually evolved into pulp molding packaging products, which is not without reason. The original foam packaging products in foreign countries have begun to be included in the environmentally friendly, toxic substances waste products, many countries have begun to stop all the foam packaging products into the country, which is not lacking in some developed countries in Europe and the United States. So pulp molding packaging products to environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, recyclable advantages of recycling gradually replaced the foam packaging products.

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Flower planting class is also inseparable from pulp molding products. Some domestic flower market often see some pulp molded flower pots, which is the business in a cheap way to store flowers. Of course, pulp molded plastic packaging made of flower pots products are still relatively solid and sturdy, can carry a certain weight without deformation, but also can be recycled in large quantities. The point is that the ingredients in the production process are so simple that pulp molded flower pots are available on the market at ridiculously low prices. Such a good product businessmen are unlikely to give up, so pulp molded plastic products are strong in the flower market.

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Pulp molded plastic packaging products are planting industry cloth or lack of packaging mode, coupled with environmental protection and reuse, greatly save the planting industry's packaging cost expenditure, so so favored.

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