Pulp Tray Use Scope of Applicability
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Pulp Tray Use Scope of Applicability

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Pulp Tray Use Scope of Applicability

The development and continuation of paper trays in China put forward a very good point of view, especially for the scope of use of paper trays and industry applicability research, elaborate a detailed and reasonable industrial structure layout, for the development of China's pulp trays environmental protection business direction has played a guiding role.

  1. Poultry egg tray. Because of its loose material and unique egg-shaped curved structure, as well as better permeability, freshness, and excellent buffering and positioning, the pulp molded egg tray is especially suitable for mass transportation packaging of eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, and other poultry eggs. With the use of paper mold egg tray packaging for fresh eggs, in the long-distance transportation process, the breakage rate of eggs can be reduced from 8% to 10% of the traditional packaging to 2%. In Europe and the United States, eggs are retailed on a per-unit basis, and generally made into pulp-molded boxes that can hold 6 (half a dozen) eggs. The outer surface of the box can be printed with various logo characters as required by the user to improve the display effect at the counter. At present, there are GB 10443-1989 "pulp molded egg trays", which stipulates that zDTP 30-40, zDTP 30-45, and zDTP 30-50 are used for 40-70g fresh egg trays respectively. of fresh egg packaging.

  2. Fresh fruit paper tray. Pulp molded fruit paper tray can be molded into a fruit curved structure of the paper tray, used for peaches, pears, citrus, apples, pineapples, tomatoes, and other fruit, especially the export of fruit packaging, can avoid collision damage to the fruit asked, but also to distribute the breathing heat of the fruit, absorb evaporated water, inhibit the concentration of ethylene, to prevent fruit decay and deterioration, extend the fruit freshness period, play a role that other packaging materials are difficult to play.

  3. Electrical liner. China's electrical products use foam plastic for the liner, but developed countries in Europe have refused to import such packaging, forcing China's liner packaging as soon as possible to embark on the "paper instead of plastic" road. The use of paper mold material for the liner, with the advantages of the good plasticity buffer force, fully meets the requirements of electrical products packaging, its production process is simple and does not pollute the environment, and the product is adaptable to a wide range of uses.

  4. Fragile products spacer. Glass, ceramic products, and fragile products such as eggs and other spacers used to be replaced by paper and grass, which is not standardized and unhygienic, and the effect of shock absorption is not satisfactory. Paper tray spacer is easy to make, neat and tidy after forming, easy to pack, and has strong shock absorption capacity. As such products do not have high requirements for raw materials technology, production costs are easy to control and suitable for mass production and application.

  5. Agricultural appliances. Mainly used for seedlings or other crops nutrition bowl, flowers and seedlings wing, food, vegetables, fresh meat packaging, and silkworms with square clusters, such as gardening and garden planting in the use of paper mold bowl, the advantage is that the cultivation of seedlings without the second transplanting, seeds can be transplanted with the bowl after the seedling (the bowl body can be self-degradation), saving labor and time and high survival rate, if the natural conditions in the mountain desert and other poor geographic areas with The effect will be even better if planted in mountainous desert areas with poor natural conditions.

  6. Food (medicine) packaging. In addition to fast food appliances, many drugs, edible semi-finished products, cooked food, and convenience foods can use paper packaging, such as net dishes, paper trays, instant noodle bowls, national catering industry with containers, etc., not only clean and easy to use, and can be recycled, very consistent with environmental protection and human health requirements.

  7. Medical apparatus. The traditional medical apparatus in the use of the problem of incomplete disinfection is easy to form cross-infection, if the use of disposable paper mold paper tray, spittoon, potty, body pad, splint, etc. can not only eliminate the disinfection link, but also save labor, and its waste can be directly incinerated, non-toxic side effects. In addition, the paper mold apparatus price is moderate, the doctor and patient are easy to accept, to the medical care work brings a lot of conveniences.

     8. Special industry paper tray packaging. Some products are afraid of impact, static electricity, moisture, rust, packaging storage, and transportation requirements of the most careful. Paper mold material can be made into a neutral substance, and good buffering power, plasticity, moisture, rust, and anti-static, adding special additives its performance can also be extended, with the use of a large safety factor.

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