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Pulp Packaging
Pulp Packaging Detachment Phenomenon Causes and Solutions!

Pulp packaging detachment phenomenon is pulp packaging composite bags often appear a quality failure, especially in the production, transportation, storage process, in the edge, the corner of the heat sealing place is prone to local or overall delamination phenomenon, and most of the printing surfac

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Pulp Packaging
Talk about How to Recycle Used Pulp Tray?

What are the paper trays that we often use in our daily lives? Such as egg trays, disposable lunch box paper trays, electronic equipment paper trays, toy paper trays, and so on. So we use these paper trays in the end how to recycle them?  First of all, the paper tray is made of pulp dry, wet press m

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Pulp Packaging
What Are the Advantageous Features of Paper Pulp Products?

At present, packaging paper trays have gradually replaced foam packaging, becoming a very popular green packaging material. The rapid development of paperpulp paper pulp products and good prospects, because the paper tray, paper pulp products have many unique advantages and characteristics

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Pulp Packaging
Pulp Tray Use Scope of Applicability

The development and continuation of paper trays in China put forward a very good point of view, especially for the scope of use of paper trays and industry applicability research, elaborate a detailed and reasonable industrial structure layout, for the development of China's pulp trays environmental

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