Talk about How to Recycle Used Pulp Tray?
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Talk about How to Recycle Used Pulp Tray?

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Talk about How to Recycle Used Pulp Tray?

What are the paper trays that we often use in our daily lives? Such as egg trays, disposable lunch box paper trays, electronic equipment paper trays, toy paper trays, and so on. So we use these paper trays in the end how to recycle them?

First of all, the paper tray is made of pulp dry, wet press molding, and raw materials on the pulp. Then we use the paper tray is also belongs to the pulp raw materials, so can be simple and environmentally friendly recycling reuse.

The general recycling channels are waste recycling stations and manufacturers' direct recycling. Then the waste recycling station is common to us. How to recycle can be convenient and fast? First of all, we must first collect the daily use of paper trays, up to 10 kilograms or so can be taken to the recycling station for money, the price is higher than the market price of waste paper recycling price of 5% of the price to be recycled. So there will be people who say 10 kilograms of paper trays stored in the home is not very space-occupying? The answer is that if you will not deal with it does take up a lot of space. So how to deal with the waste paper tray? Hot water directly into the pulp, and then the water to a waste bucket, hanging in the sun on the balcony, after drying it becomes a cylinder-mounted waste paper column, so that the storage is convenient.

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First, the paper tray usually refers to the broad sense of the paper tray, that is, the dry pressing process of the paper tray. Paper tray the English name: Molded Pulp Packaging, abbreviated MPP, scientific name: pulp molding, is based on pulp as raw material, with stainless steel screen molds in pressure (negative or positive pressure) and other conditions, so that the pulp dewatering, fiber shaping and the production of the desired product processing methods. Paper tray production mainly includes pulp preparation, forming, hot pressing, mold and other processes. Mold forming has a vacuum forming method and an extrusion forming method. As the pulp is used in pulp molding more waste paper as raw material, in line with the environmental requirements and packaging green development direction.

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Second, what are the applications of paper trays? Its application areas include electronics, electrical appliances, communication equipment, computer accessories, glass, ceramics, lighting, handicrafts, cosmetics, health care products, wine, fruits, eggs, and so on.

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